1. A shitty (literally) and awesome stout. It bears this crazy name for a reason. Not only is it an oatmeal stout but it has also some coffee in it. No regular coffee and as the name suggests it´s highly unusual. The weasel factor is a twist. There were some weasels that contributed to this beer, and not only that but in this beer is something that a weasel in Vietnam ate, digested and returned it in the form of a shit. Namely a coffee berry that is known as Kopi Luwak or civet coffee. It´s not cheap and it´s farmed like a foie gras. The weasels are fed those coffee beans and some crazy vietnamese farmers gather the shit and ship it out as gourmet coffee. Yum!! I like coffee a lot so I am going to go on the bandwagon and say that it must be a good coffee since it´s reputation is so good…

    But on to the beer. It pours pitch black with a slightly brown head. Huge aroma of oats, coffee, some chocolate but I am also picking up maple syrup in the nose. Complex but oats dominate. Full bodied and loads of roast and bitterness in the finish. Oats again dominate. This is maybe a bit young batch, it´s one of those new ones that are rolling out of Lervig instead of Nogne O. Nonetheless, this is a mighty good beer and a fine imperial stout!

    I like the design a lot. Keith Shore, the designer that is designing the labels for Mikkeller, is really contributing quite an image these days on all the Mikkeller labels. This beer is not cheap so I quite like the design of the label containing what I would call artwork. Very cool!

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